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A few general questions answered

What is the fastest way to discuss getting tattooed by you?

Call our shop on 0396022555 and book in a free 15 minute consultation


Email zoetattoo@gmail.com including as much information about your tattoo ideas, size, placement on body, style, any reference, and anything else that will help me give you a complete answer. 

I try to get to my emails as fast as I can, but tattooing, drawing and running a business sometimes slow the response time, bear with me!

Other contact options like DM, Messenger, or comments on posts are not priority communication and might get missed. Stick to phone, email or in person. 


How do I arrange to get a tattoo?

Call our shop on 0396022555 and book a consultation, and we can book your tattoo appointment after we have a chat about your ideas first. When you book your tattoo appointment time in you will need to leave a deposit. More on deposits further down.


Email me with the subject, style, size, placement on your body, colour or black and grey, to plan it out, but after we decide we are good to go, I'll need you to call the shop to discuss available times to book in. I don't book the appointment via email, it takes too long. When you book your tattoo appointment time you will need to leave a deposit. More on deposits further down.


If you don't want a consultation and just want to book your tattoo appointment, call the shop on 96022555. You'll need to tell them lots about your tattoo to book this way, include subject, style, size, placement on your body, colour or black and grey. This is to guess how long I need to design it and how long to book you in for. They can't give you an exact quote in this instance. When you book your tattoo appointment time you will need to leave a deposit. More on deposits further down. Only do this if you have looked at my portfolio.


Do I need to leave a deposit?

Not for a consultation.

Yes, for a tattoo appointment.

I won't book in a tattoo appointment without a deposit, so only book if you're ready to get tattooed. I won't start drawing until you have left a deposit and booked in your appointments. 

The deposit is $100 and is not refundable, at this point you are booking a block of time so no one else can have it. And I start the research, planning and drawing for your tattoo.

You can move your appointment around without loosing your deposit but only if you give me 48 hours notice VIA PHONE during our business hours.  

If you're not sure about leaving a deposit, then you just need a consultation to discuss your tattoo first. 


I'm not 18 years old yet, but can I still get tattooed by you?

No, it's against the law. Also remember to always bring photo ID to your appointment.


Will you draw my ideas before I book my tattoo appointment?

No. I will not start drawing until you book in and leave a deposit. I am happy to discuss your ideas, look through your reference and plan the design out in a consultation first.


Will you email me the design because I need to see what my bff/mum/entire friendship group thinks about it first?

No. Only you need you to like it, don't change your ideas for other people. You are my customer and I only need you to be happy. If you have any more questions about this we can discuss it in your consultation, like arranging a second catch up consultation to go over the design together.


What should I do to prepare for getting tattooed?

Eat, drink water, have a good night sleep. Be ready for a bit of pain but be excited about getting tattooed! Wear appropriate clothing that you will be comfortable in, that I can accidentally get ink on, and that I can get to the tattoo spot comfortably. Bring photo ID. Put your phone on silent mode.


Can I bring my friends?

I prefer to have my customers one on one. No distractions, no one else for me to worry about. 

Think of it like when you go to any appointments that involve needles and concentration, like the dentist or the doctor. It's one on one.

I'll keep you company anyway!

If you want to bring a friend and leave them on the couch in the waiting area for back up, that is totally ok with us.


What should I do if I don't remember my aftercare instructions?

Call the shop on 0396022555 to go through it again, we are happy to! Or email zoetattoo@gmail.com and I can send them through.


I have more questions, what is the best way to get in contact?

Call the shop on 0396022555

Email zoetattoo@gmail.com

Or come in to our shop, the contact page shows the business hours,  map location and address.